Receive Work Requests

Let anyone from tenants to cleaners submit maintenance requests through a branded page on your site.

Schedule Tasks & Meet SLAs

Create runtime or calendar based work requests. View them in a calendar. Meet SLAs as per your needs.

Create Quotations

Send quotations to customers/vendors, to get the payment approved.

Run Reports

View work order history, and performance metrics by tech, facility, or location.

Work Offline

Take your audits & work orders offline, we understand spotty connections. You can create your work orders & audits offline, it will sync up when you have connectivity.

Run Audits

Send quotations to customers, to get the payment approved.

Avoid complaints with recurring work orders

Automate routine maintenance activities like light checks, HVAC inspections, and pool cleanings to improve guest satisfaction

Keep tenants updated & happy

If you manage long-term stay properties, tenants can easily submit maintenance requests and view the status of them at any time.

Spend more time on facility management strategy

Most of a facility manager’s time is spent on day-to-day operations which can be a drag. Drober's facility management software frees up time for strategic planning and collaboration.

Considerations for property maintenance software

Property maintenance software, also referred to as building maintenance software, is a type of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). This is software that helps property managers organize their maintenance operations — often from a cloud-based web and mobile application. When researching various solutions, here are some things you should look for:


When you or your staff come across an issue on the property, can you document it right then and there? Your CMMS should have a mobile app that allows you to take pictures, assign work orders, and track progress from anywhere.

Ease of Use

More people than yourself will use the CMMS. Therefore, it should be easy to use. Knowing how to view and close work orders should be easy for maintenance workers. And knowing how to submit maintenance requests should be easy for cleaning staff.


Which maintenance workers are completing the most work orders? Which HVAC units require the most repairs? You should be able to access and download this information in an effort to reward productivity and save on excessive reparation costs.
Drober checks all of these boxes and focuses on making the most-used features the easiest to use.

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