Assign Work Orders

Create and approve work orders, even carry it offline. Have techs open and close them on the spot with a mobile device.

Schedule Tasks & Meet SLAs

Create runtime or calendar based work requests. View them in a calendar. We support custom SLAs as per your needs.

Create Quotations

Send quotations to customers, to get the payment approved.

Run Reports

View work order history, and performance metrics by tech, facility, or location.

Work Offline

Take your audits & work orders offline, we understand spotty connections. You can create your work orders & audits offline, it will sync up when you have connectivity.

Run Audits

Send quotations to customers, to get the payment approved.

Increase productivity at your facility with scheduled inspections

Automate routine maintenance activities to improve operational efficiency at your facility. Create recurring work orders for weekly inspections of critical equipment or routine building and facility walk throughs.

Increase productivity with live reporting

Easily identify bottlenecks and efficiencies with Drober's reporting dashboard. See which facilities, locations, and equipment are hogging resources and which technicians are closing out the most work orders.

Spend more time on facility management strategy

Most of a facility manager’s time is spent on day-to-day operations which can be a drag. Drober's facility management software frees up time for strategic planning and collaboration.
“Drober has been instrumental in enabling our team to grow 5X this year and successfully scale our processes”
Manish Lohani, TOS Facilities

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